What About Staff Burnout?

There has been significant buzz around the topic of Physician burn-out due to the upswing burden of administrative tasks. While I do not disagree with this issue, I must ask the question: How about the burn out of the providers office staff? The ebb and flow of the medical office has changed dramatically over the […]

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Part 4: The Financial Implications of MACRA

Part 4 of the Successful Health and Wellness MACRA article series discusses the financial implications of the legislation In Part 2 and Part 3, we explored several strategic decisions an organization could make in response to the legislation. These strategic decisions made in response to MACRA have significant financial implications for hospitals and physicians.  Because […]

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Best Practices for Optimizing Patient Risk Adjustment Scores

Prospective provider education & training on RA methodologies and strategies is critical. It is imperative that healthcare providers quickly learn to navigate the new order of Risk Adjustment payment methodologies to insure optimal reimbursement for their services. Optimizing Risk Adjustment Scores is vitally important for providers to thrive and excel under Value-Based performance reimbursement and […]

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Make Risk Adjustment Fair and Accurate for Quality Measurement

Each set of patients, and each individual patient, presents a different challenge. No two patients will be the same. Finding accurate methods to adjust for risk is becoming more and more crucial for physicians. Public oversight of physician and practice performance via the CMS Physician Compare website is changing private insurance and Medicare reimbursement strategies. […]

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Part 3: The Physician-Hospital Alignment Decision

Part 3 of the Successful Health and Wellness MACRA article series explores the impact of the legislation on the physician-hospital alignment strategy In Part 2 of the Successful Health and Wellness MACRA Article Series, we introduced the physician-hospital alignment as a key strategic decision in response to the legislation. A clinician’s level of alignment falls […]

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Part 2: The Strategic Implications of MACRA

Part 2 of the Successful Health and Wellness MACRA article series explores the strategic implications of the MACRA legislation The passage of MACRA guaranteed an imminent transition to value-based care that will impact most, if not all, clinicians. As a result, the clinical behavior that has fostered success under a fee-for-service payment model will no […]

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Are Your Expectations Harming Productivity?

Are Your Expectations Harming Productivity

A successful organization needs a culture of transparency, accountability and engagement. Setting expectations is one of the basic fundamentals of management and yet many managers fail to do so effectively. Setting expectations requires planning and communication. We all want a positive ROI, right? The more you invest in your team, the more effective and engaged […]

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