Quality Measures

Often coined “value-based reimbursement” or “pay-for-performance,” tying healthcare reimbursement to performance on quality measures is meant to support the goal of the triple aim: Improving the patients experience, patient’s health and improving overall cost of care.  During this shift to value-based care, the most successful healthcare practices must formulate and implement strategies to capture, satisfy, and improve their quality measures.

The shift to value-based reimbursement cannot be avoided, so having a plan in place is a must!

If you are submitting claims to ANY payer or are affiliated in any of the following IPA, CIN, ACO, PHO, MSO or any other acronym you can think of you are already participating in a pay for performance model. 

The questions is –  Are you maximizing your reimbursement for your performance?

We have the tools you need to simplify the process and maximize reimbursement.

Getting Started

Improvement stems first from understanding your payers and the measures you’re required to track. Both clinical and technical input is critical – everyone must be on-board. Let us help you get started!

Redefining Your Care Teams

Do you have the right people on your care teams? How will you educate your patients? Quality measurement improvement requires a diverse team and a robust care management plan.

Targeting Care Opportunities

Each patient is unique – their care should be, too. When establishing a patient’s care plan, providers must ask: How? Who? When? Quality measure improvement is the result of patient centric care.