The foundation of a Successful Health and Wellness Program is the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) with a Personalized Prevention Plan of Services (PPPS)!

An AWV is a complete picture of a patient! An AWV encompasses many important activities: a general health and wellness assessment, disease prevention visit, a risk factor screening, and chronic conditions care planning. Patients should leave the visit with a written plan for recommend preventative services, and allows for improved medical intervention by a provider and self-management by the patient. Depending on the patient’s needs, the AWV can serve as a gateway to Chronic Care Management (CCM) services or an opportune time to make patients aware of the availability of Transitional Care Management (TCM) services.    

Patients AND providers benefit from AWVs!

AWV and Risk Adjustment

The AWV is an excellent time to capture the conditions that impact a patient’s Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF)! It’s extremely important that Primary Care Providers maximize this opportunity to document and code the High-Value Chronic and Comorbid Conditions.

AWV Population Health Benefits

At an AWV, a primary care provider can identify the highest risk and chronically sickest patients to earmark them for more intense follow-up. The preventative and proactive care can be a robust revenue generator for the Health System.

Implementing a CCM Program

A CCM is great for patients with chronic conditions and/or comorbid factors that most commonly affect a provider’s Risk-Adjusted Score and Relative Risk Score. Let us simplify your implementation of a CCM program with our Chronic Condition Care Plan template.